Want to help Shawntelle get the word out about her books? Shawntelle would love your support. To help spread the word she invites you to join her street team. Even if all you want to do is recommend Shawntelle’s books to your friends, that great!

As a member you’ll help Shawntelle get the word out about her books and more. To express her gratitude, she’d like to offer the following:

  • A chance to name a character after you in her next book.
  • A chance to win autographed books in a monthly special drawing for Street Team members only. All Street Team members will be automatically entered.
  • Shawntelle will draw a winner every month starting in November to get a $10 B&N or Amazon gift card.
  • An in-person magic show with Nick, the white wizard. (Well, we can all fantasize, can’t we?)
  • A chance to get early reads on Shawntelle’s books.
What can you do to help?
  • If you liked Coveted or Kept, be sure to post an honest review on Amazon, B&N or Book Depository! It doesn’t have to be the longest review ever, but saying, “It was awesomesauce!”, works fine. You can post your review on Goodreads, too.
  • Tell your friends and family about Coveted, Kept, or any of Shawntelle’s books. Especially if it made you laugh so hard your side hurt. Most folks can relate to that.
  • Check to see if your library carries copies of Shawntelle’s books. If it doesn’t, ask them for copies. Tell them the name, title, and the publisher.
  • If you don’t see Shawntelle’s books in the bookstore, ask the store to order copies.
  • Share Shawntelle’s swag with others. She’s willing to give street team members bookmarks, postcards, etc so you can share them with libraries, local reader groups, book clubs, and even coffee shops. If you decide to hoard them, Shawntelle understands. Just tell your friend about Shawntelle’s books, let them look with envy at the swag, and then declare the stuff is yours forever.
  • Like and tag Shawntelle’s books on Amazon.

So what can you do to join? First, join Shawntelle’s street team on Facebook. She’s willing to answer most questions you have about the series and she has plenty of tasks to get your started as team member! If you want to be added to her list to get swag to share with others, just fill out the form.

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