GMC Wizard

I’m a big fan of Debra Dixon’s book: GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. I read this book every time I start a new project. Why? Because the book really helps me stay on track with what the plot bunny comes up with in my head. Book ideas are great, but they won’t help make a great book if my protagonist or antagonist are walking around randomly with no goals and reasons why they do what they do. To help facilitate the brainstorming process I created the GMC Wizard. (Especially when I got tired of creating my own grid each and every time.)

Synopsis Wizard

If you are like me, you hate writing a synopsis. You hate thinking about them, plotting out what needs to be written, and then having to write them down. I hope this little tool will at least make it less painful. This doesn’t magically make the words in your head come out. You’ll have to do the work and add in the elements for your synopsis.

Once you add in all the “pieces” your synopsis will be generated in a new window. Copy and paste into your preferred word processing application and then you are done!

Book Royalties Calculator

Part of the process in learning about book deals is the madness of contract terms and book royalties. To be honest, I didn’t know much about how it worked. Well, until I created this bad boy.

I whipped up this quickie application to learn more information about the book royalties process. I didn’t want anything too complex. Just an application which showed me whether I would earn out or how many books I would need to earn out. I could have gone hardcore and developed an application to break down multiple royalties and sale types. (For example, a break down of hardcover with its percentage and amount, and then mass market with its percentage and amount of books sold.) But I somehow stuff the crazy urge back into the can and create a simple application to answer my questions.

In the application below you’ll see I filled in the values to give you an idea of what you can put in there. You can also check Brenda Hiatt’s Show Me the Money to get ideas on royalty rates and advance values you can enter in there.

Ready to Play?

Book Store Links Generator

Use this handy tool to quickly build links to book stores for your book. Just enter your ISBN-13 number and select a number of options including which bookstores you want listed, what separator you want between stores, and more!

Give it a try.