The Cast

I’m only including the cast from book 1 so there are no spoilers here.


Natalya Stravinsky Drawn by Kate Sherron

Natalya Stravinsky
Drawn by Kate Sherron

Natalya “Nat” Stravinsky – Nat will be the first to admit that she’s not the best werewolf in New Jersey. But the one thing you don’t do is cross her family–or touch her precious and lovingly collected hoard of holiday trinkets. She’s up to her paws in ornaments, ugly Christmas sweaters, and such, but she still has dreams and hopes. Most of them include Thorn Grantham, her ex-boyfriend. She works, a little too much, as a clerk at the Bend of the River Flea Market. Her boss, Bill, is the crankiest goblin in Jersey.

Alexander “Sasha” Stravinsky – Nat’s younger brother is a great guy and is always there to support his sister–when he’s not scoping out the next potential date.

Anna Stravinsky – Nat’s mother. She is great cook who cooks a bit too much.

Grandma Lasovskaya – Nat’s grandmother. Her mother’s mom. Grandma helps hold the family together. She has loved Nat, no matter what faults she has had. Everybody needs a babushka like Grandma Lasovskaya.

Fyodor Stravinsky – As the patriarch of the Stravinsky family, Nat’s dad has a wide girth and a trunk load of secrets that may come back to haunt the family someday.

Thorn Grantham- Thorn has a mountain worth of responsibilities on his shoulders. He’s been away from South Toms River, his hometown, for the past five years and now he has returned to take over the South Toms River pack from their enemies.

Will Grantham – Thorn’s younger brother.

Farley Grantham – As the pack leader for South Toms River area, Old Farley Grantham was once a respected leader among both werewolves and men. Now he’s just an asshole.

Erica Holden – Erica’s father wants his daughter to marry into the Grantham family. Erica grew up privileged and spoiled. She wants nothing more than to have her way and she’s willing to crush anyone who gets in her path.

Agatha “Aggie” McClure – Nat’s childhood friend with a mysterious past in New York. Aggie has spunk and she’s willing to do anything to protect her best friend Nat.


Nick Fenton – Nick is a white wizard who has a few hidden secrets like Natalya.

Dr. Frank – Dr. Frank is a white wizard and Nat’s therapist. He can see through most of her tricks.


Heidi the Mermaid – Heidi isn’t your average mermaid. She is foul-mouthed, opinionated and fierce. We’ll skip the part where we mention she is afraid of the ocean. You learn more about Heidi’s past in book 2.

Abby the Muse – Abby is soft-spoken and kind. Her role in life is to help those associated with the arts like painters, writers, and the like. Unfortunately, she keeps getting psychos for her assignments and now she’s a little traumatized.

Raj the Minor Deity
– Raj is a deity with secrets. You’ll learn more about him in book 3.

Tyler the Dwarf – Tyler is terribly shy. Even for a dwarf that looks like a supermodel. Cursed to look like a handsome human, Tyler is an outcast among his people. He has tried to hard to find true love. You learn more about Tyler in book 3.

Karey the Nymph – This is Alex’s girlfriend. Well, she thinks she is his girlfriend.

Bill the Goblin – Nat’s boss at the Bend of the River Flea Market. He is a kind of greedy, but underneath all that greedy is a heart. It’s kind of tiny though.

The Locations

South Toms River, NJ (Yep, this is a real town.)
Park Slope Neighborhood, Brooklyn, NY
Manhattan, NY

Book #3
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