After using historical author Courtney Milan’s ISBN Generator for so long (thanks Courtney!) I finally took the time out to take her work and modify it for my own needs as a web developer. (Which meant more features!)

See an error? Let me know so I hunt those bugs down with some raid.

Retailers you will have to do the URL yourself: All Romance eBooks,,, Angus & Robertson

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You’re probably thinking how do I use this darn thing? Well, it’s pretty straight forward.

  1. Enter the ISBN for your book. Not the ASIN from Amazon or the BN ID. This is a number books are assigned from a company called Bowker.This is a 13 digit number that sometimes has dashes. Books are assigned ISBNs for various formats like print, eBook, and audiobook.
  2. Select which book stores where your book will be available. Click the checkboxes. Note: Some retailers are eBook only so if you have a print ISBN your book won’t shop up there. Not all retailers are listed because I can only list websites that make it easy to generate links.
  3. Do you want the ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 values to show up above your links? Select “Show ISBN Above Links.”
  4. Do you want your links to open in a new browser window? Select “Open In a New Window..”
  5. Select a link separator type. What do you want to go between the links? i.e. Amazon | iBooks or maybe Amazon · iBooks
  6. Advanced Option: For those who are savvy with HTML and want the ultimate control over presentation, I altered the code to produced the output within an unorderlist. It is optional. If this made no sense to you, then carry on. (These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…)
  7. Amazon and IndieBound Affiliates. If you have an affiliate number for either of these companies, just add in the values and it will be automatically inserted into your link.

e.g. 978-0345529183

Select Bookstore to Build a Set of Links:

Amazon Stores

Additional Stores

Book Publishers

Audiobook Retailers

More Options:

Show ISBN above links:

Open a Link in a New Window:

Link Separator Type:

Advanced: Use an unordered list for output with ul and li tags.

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