During the Kawakon convention here in St. Louis MO, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful local St. Louis artist named Kate Sherron. It was a delight to see her work and I got so excited at the possibility of seeing what she would do with one of the Coveted characters. I had her draw Natalya Stravinsky first. I’ll be honest, I squealed with delight when I saw the picture. Just seeing Nat snuggling with her ornaments was so friggin’ cute.


Coveted Cast by Kate Sherron


The picture is overflowing with cuteness. By day two of the conference I wanted her to do Thorn Grantham and Aggie McClure. Kate did an awesome job on those too. I have more plans for goodies with Kate, so be on the lookout in the future for more cuteness overload.

I love this pictures? Do you have a favorite? Or maybe should the question be: which character should I have drawn next? Nick Fenton the white wizard? Abby the Muse? Heidi the mermaid? Grandma Lasovskaya?