The Hunter's MoonNew series time! The Windham Werewolves

I’m so excited about the Windham Werewolves. This is a five part serial about Kaden Windham, a pack leader, and Cynthia McGinnis, a werewolf hunter. You all know I love werewolves and I can’t resist a great love story with action and adventure. For this particular series though, compared to the Hadley Werewolves, I wanted Kaden and Cynthia to be the main focus instead of multiple couples.

The story is about a dying hunter who wakes up in the northwestern Canadian wilderness in the cabin of an alpha. She’s not thrilled to be there or the circumstances as to how she got there. Come hell or high water, she has no plans to accept healing from werewolves. The very creatures that killed her werewolf parents.

So, what is the release schedule?

The Hunter’s Moon – December 16th, 2014
The Hunter’s Alpha – January 20th, 2015
The Hunter’s Pack – February 2015
The Hunter’s Clan – March 2015
The Hunter’s Mate – April 2015

Yes, you won’t have to wait as long like you did with the Hadley Werewolves stories. 😉

TheHuntersAlpha-V1-Part2The Hunter’s Moon (#1) and The Hunter’s Alpha (#2) are available on Amazon right now.