Coveted Universe Book
ISBN-13: 978-0-9887985-1-9
eBook ISBN-13: 978-0-9887985-2-6
Release Date: May 2013
Urban Fantasy

Werewolf Natalya Stravinsky’s outspoken sidekick, Aggie McClure, is featured in this prequel novella. Before Agatha set foot in South Toms River, New Jersey, she had the fight of her life to face. Destined to be the alpha female over her Manhattan pack, Aggie was fully prepared to take on her role until her father arranges a marriage without her consent. She wants out–but the only way is with money–something her new controlling husband won’t give her to escape. But such odds never kept a wolf like Aggie down. To sever the twisted tie, she finds herself pitted against raging wood nymphs and backstabbing brownies in an underground supernatural fighting ring. With every victory, the sweet taste of freedom is closer, but her husband isn’t willing to let her go that easily. Until the very end, Aggie must fight for the one thing she’s never had: a choice.


Follow Heidi the mermaid and Abby the Muse as they try to help Lilith, a soul-sucking succubus and fellow supernatural therapy group member, find a date.

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“With healthy doses of action, adventure, heartbreak, and strength, Bitter Disenchantment takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Aggie’s story is a must read!”  –Amanda Bonilla, author of the Shaede Assassin Series


“…Being female, I found this story so empowering, I wanted to hit my husband for just being male *I didn’t of course*, love ya hubby! I loved that even though the circumstances were something a lot of women find themselves in, Aggie would not stop until she found a way out. She knew she couldn’t rely on anything or anyone to save her, so she did whatever she had to do to survive and change her life. What Shawntelle specifically brings to this story is the plight of abused women but not abuse in the physical sense. In this story, there are 3 very different stories of women, sacrifice and horrific abuse. She sheds a light on women who are emotionally, mentally and socially abused. Women who are held captive by circumstances or because it’s what’s expected or what’s best for a crappy situation. Even though the subject matter is hard to read, the strength that comes to light from these women in horrible circumstances shines brightly through the ugliness. I applaud Shawntelle Madison for taking on such a horrible but much needed subject matter and weaving it expertly through her supernatural story.”  –Toot’s Book Reviews

“This was a dark, paranormal, shifter story. Aggie’s journey to freedom is one of hardship and loss. I was emotionally moved by the circumstances that gained Angie’s freedom but didn’t understand or agree with some of the choices that were made by Aggie as well as other characters in this story. I found Bitter Disenchantment a dark, fast paced, action packed adventure with an intriguing and enjoyable plot.” –Tome Tender

“For a story about leaving a bad situation and relationship, BITTER DISENCHANTMENT is a wonderfully hopeful and satisfying prequel for the Coveted series.” –All Things Urban Fantasy (4 out of 5 stars) 

“The story line kept me riveted from the beginning.  I always loved Aggie in the series as Nat’s best friend and roomie, but having her thoughts and seeing her struggles in this story just made her an even better character to me.” –Delighted Reader

“BITTER DISENCHANTMENT won’t leave you bitter. It might be a novella but it’ll make your heart pound with excitement, your jaw clenching in anger towards Desmond and Victor, and your hand clutching your chest on those moments where Aggie’s had close calls. Agatha McClure is a female worthy to be called a HEROINE. This girl is begging for a spin-off!”  Talking Supe (5 out of 5 stars)

“…I’m a bit of a fanpoodle when it comes to Shawntelle Madison but she deserves all of the praise I can give her.  Madison has shown a repeated commitment to including disabled people in her series and to make their struggles relevant.  As a disabled woman myself, it means a lot to me to see the struggles of community in a story rather than erased as though we don’t exist.  Urban fantasy is in the business of selling stories about the hyper able and Madison’s work stands as proof that all people can and should be included.” Fangs for the Fantasy (4.5 out of 5 stars)



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